What Do You Do If Your Business Is Not Generating Enough Cash?

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What Do You Do If Your Business Is Not Generating Enough Cash?

Your Personal Net-worth and Business Balance Sheet is your Financial Report Card. Cash flow is a vital indicator of where you and/or your business are headed.

Inadequate cash flow requires investigation into any or all of the below-stated parameters:

1. The entrepreneur (or one or more of the partners) is not in Personal Flow. You are using your losing formula instead of your winning formula.

2. Your strategy and action steps are not calibrated to the level at which you currently are. You end up with spinning wheels and poor or inadequate traction.

3. Your products and services are an outcome of your profession; not your vocation. You are doing it out of habit / for the money, your heart is not in it.

4. Your Value Proposition is not Unique or is not perceived to be Unique in the Market place. Your products and services are lost in the crowd.

5. You lack innovation. Your Unique Value Proposition has got commoditized or is rapidly losing relevance.

6. You are not clear about your Ideal Client. So you work with whom you have got. And they are taking you to the cleaners.

7. You are unable to Connect with your ideal client. You have not cultivated the right connections.

8. Your Business Model is weak. If the engine is weak, it cannot adequately deliver.

9. Your Business Model is not Customized enough. What works for others need not work for you. What has worked for you in the past, need not work for you in the current context.

10. You do not have an offering higher up the value chain. Increasing activity and moving up the value chain are two very different things.

11. You are “in the thick of thin things” (Steven R Covey). You are helplessly hacking at the leaves; instead of getting to the roots. (Yes,Steven R Covey again)

12. You lack clarity and direction. Vision and goal-setting can be a world apart.

13. You lack superior perspectives and superior solutions. You are holding on to a dys-functional, irrelevant paradigm. Let go and jump from your sinking ship.

14. You do not know how to generate the support and direction you require. Get hold of a trustworthy, compatible, competent and supportive mentor or coach. This singular investment could progressively unlock unimaginable levels of your wealth.

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