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What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job?
7 Turnaround Strategies to Propel You to create a new future.

Jobs are, and will continue to get eliminated.

This is bad news and good news.

The bad news is if you are looking for a job, you might have to keep looking. (Sorry for the hit under the belt; because only when you realize you have hit the wall, will you turn around and head for the door.)

The additional bad news is that it could worse, before it gets better. Because unlearning and letting go can be painful and sometimes takes time.

So what do you do if you are out of a job, and all day long you keep thinking – of getting back to a job?

STRATEGY # 1: Get Positively Future-focused
Focus on creating a new, inspiring, even if unknown FUTURE rather than repeating the known past. This requires you to forcefully shift focus and attention from a painful, dysfunctional past to a bright, inspiring and perfect future.

STRATEGY # 2: From Profession to Passions
A turnaround in your circumstance requires a turnaround in your THINKING. Your mind-set must shift from mechanically doing to a living BEING. (Are we human doings or human beings?)

Here is the strategy: Shift your focus from your profession (what you were strait-jacketedly conditioned to do) to what you are INNATELY PASSIONATE ABOUT. And see how you can use your accumulated professional skills, abilities and expertise to create value for what you are passionate about.

Eg. A former trained professional could now focus on making a difference to street children and put valuable skills learned in the corporate world to effective use.

STRATEGY # 3: Be with People Whose Energy Uplifts You
Gravitate to positive people who live and share your particular passions (eg. trekking, wheels, environment, volunteering etc.) and have already achieved higher levels of success, honourably. Minutely observe and absorb their standards, meticulousness and finesse and see how you can COMPLEMENT them rather than simply copying them.

STRATEGY # 4: Give Others Only What They Value
Carefully balance your interim / transition time between ensuring financial support for yourself and your family and exploring superior alternatives.

By not asking for a job! Ask rather for an opportunity to serve – and to be paid on the basis of results, not activity). This is another mind-set shift you need to make. You have to go by what value others take from you and not the value that you think you give to others. Successful wealth creators have created enormous wealth around this singular principle.

STRATEGY # 5: Discern Your Singular Life Purpose
Discern your deeper Purpose. There is a reason why you have been placed on this planet, here and now. And the reason you could be going through whatever you are going through is because you are not getting the message – that you need to turnaround and find your very own pathway.

Strategy # 6: Consider Upgrading From Employee to Employer
This calamitous occasion could open up the possibility of you making yet another mind-set shift from employee to EMPLOYER, which could propel you into a different league altogether. Do you have the singular vision and the steely determination to get there?

Strategy # 7: From Profession to Vocation
Yes, this is easier said than done. It is not easy to un-yoke yourself from twenty years of education and twenty years of ‘employee-ship’. This is why working actively with a sensitive, compatible, competent, inspiring coach or mentor can accelerate your learning, transition and results.

When you live your God-given Passions, use your God-given Talent, for a God-given Purpose – you find your VOCATION.

I remember heart-rendingly sobbing to my sweetheart, “I don’t know what God wants from me!” when I too was suddenly and painfully unemployed. I blundered around for over a decade to connect with my true calling – hand-holding passionate geniuses to identify, lead and dominate their most profitable passion-based niches.

So here’s the good news: You don’t need to take that long, nor do you have to endure needless pain; if you quickly unlearn and relearn what is required to move you up the value hierarchy.

Yes, you climbed a mountain and came down. Now Stop, Unlearn and Let Go. Try out something different – until you find something that perfectly works for you!

You are a genius. Just unlock your genius.

The bend in the road is not the end of your road – unless you fail to take the turn.

Raymond D’Souza
Founder, SME Business Coach and Strategist
PassionPreneur Institute
Personalized Handholding to Identify, Lead and Dominate Your Most Profitable Passion-based Niche


    Excellent write and relevant as I have been through a similar situation and if you follow your passion you will always succeed.

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