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Why Businesses Bleed Financially – 1

There are principles which operate in and govern every aspect of the world we live in. When these principles are adhered to, there are positive consequences; when these principles are violated, there are negative consequences.

Business has been wrongly interpreted as ‘making money’. Authentic businesses create wealth for all stakeholders.

Here is one of the principles we apply in our Foundation-building SME Business Coaching:

Personal Flow  Universal Flow  Cash Flow

When PERSONAL FLOW is aligned with COSMIC FLOW it leads to positive and copious CASH FLOWS

Our educational system and society condition us away from our personal flow, sometimes to such an extent that we lose all connection with who we truly are at our very core. Consequently, we use a lot of acquired abilities, which run contrary to our personal flow. This prevents us at a very fundamental level in being ourselves, living our own lives and connecting with our own Flow.

So the first fundamental step is to align our personal flow with cosmic FLOW.

Many of us mistakenly pride ourselves in going against Flow by ‘Standing up to . . .” We need to humbly appreciate that we, on this planet earth, are a very tiny, insignificant part of the Galactic Universe. We will come and go in a flash of time, whilst the universe has continued to endure for eons of years. It is simply imperative that we understand and recognize underlying, invisible, immutable principles of Flow.

This is why when Personal Flow is aligned with Universal Flow; it leads to Positive Cash Flows. And the degree, intensity and scope of alignment determine the copiousness of Flow.

The degree to which Personal Flow is not aligned to Cosmic Flow determines the scope of the business loss / DISASTER.

This is one of the reasons why businesses bleed financially.

PassionPreneur Institute (www.facebook.com/PassionpreneurInstitute/) offers 4 distinct levels of Personalised, in-house SME Business Coaching
1. Solopreneur Development – For Turning Passionate Individuals into Prosperous Businesspersons
2. Entrepreneur Development – For Turning Passionate Businesspersons into Prosperous Entrepreneurs
3. Enterprise-building – For Turning Your Core Team into a Highly Productive and Profitable Business
4. Institution-building – For enabling you to build and leave your legacy

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