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Get Personalised Handholding to Start/Build/Turnaround Your Micro/Small Business!




launches Business Mastery Level 

One Year Solopreneur Development Programme
With Personalised Handholding and Facilitated Networking

beginning  Jan 26, 2018 at Mumbai.

Limited Seats Register Now! WhatsApp SDP  to 98676 35525

Are these questions troubling you?
Am I on the right track?
• Am I doing the right thing?
• Is this what I should really be doing?
• What should I take up (and what should I drop)?
• Whom should I work with (and who should I avoid!)?
• Which specific Product/Service should I take up first (and which later or not at all!)?
• What should I do (or not do) to ensure I succeed in business?
• How can I get profit, balanced life and fulfilled living?

Get Breakthrough Benefits
• Start with Minimal Resources – with what you have
• Learn to turn your Passions and Hobbies into Profitable Cash Flows
• Build Your Business Identity, Credibility and Brand.
Connect Profitably with the Marketplace
Mould Your Character, Beliefs and Values for Prosperity and Greatness
• Focus on developing Business Etiquette, Power Habits, Results-oriented Communication and Impeccable Behavior.

Get One Year of
• Business Education
• Personalised Handholding and
• Facilitated Networking
To ensure you P R O F I T from your Business

7 Myths about start-ups
Start-ups are capital intensive – Not necessarily, you can bootstrap (start with own meager funds) as well.
Start-ups lose money initially – It depends on the Business Model. This happens when the focus is on customer acquisition below cost and incurring of deliberate losses, funded by investors. You can build a Robust Profitable Business by identifying and connecting with your Ideal Clientele.
Start-ups require Investors – Not always, with the right guidance, solopreneurs can start-up on their own by ensuring workability, profitability and sustainability.
You need to fail as an entrepreneur before succeeding – Well, you need to have appropriate mind-set, skill-sets, expertise and operate in a manner that is aligned with your core inner self and the marketplace to get the best results. With the right guidance, you can avoid making expensive mistakes.
It’s difficult for a start-up to sustain itself – Not necessarily, it depends on your core beliefs, values and choice of business model. Being open-minded, flexible and having a competent and compatible coach/mentor can make a world of a difference to your wealth creation journey.
You cannot pursue a professional job and a passion-based business simultaneously – There are cases where a person has twin incomes and nicely balances job, family and passion.
Family Relationships get disturbed because of business stress/You get married to your business – If the business is designed around the persona, values and priorities of the entrepreneur; stress is not only eliminated by design but it effectively improves family relationships and raises the living standards of the family through a chronically-profitable business.

Limited Seats Register Now! WhatsApp SDP  to 98676 35525.

2 Distinct Models of Entrepreneurship:
• In the Resource-based model, you need something and if you don’t have that something, you are stuck. This is the most widely known and practiced model of commercial entrepreneurship. There is in-built pain in this model and the failure rate is high.
• Successful billionaires have intuitively got on to a different Resourcefulness or Passion-based model where they need nothing and are UNSTOPPABLE. They focus on using their God-given Passions, their God-given Talent, for a God-given Purpose and make significant contributions to Society and the Environment through Responsible Social Enterprise. This model focuses on meaningful contribution, combined with enriching relationships, balanced and fulfilled living! There is in-built bliss in this model and you can easily succeed simply by following a step-by-step process.

In the PassionPreneur Model, your Niche Expertise, Support System and Power Habits are moulded to enable you to Identify, Lead and Dominate Your Most Profitable Passion-based Niche.

Coach Raymond is an acknowledged expert in enabling his committed coachees Create Wealth Joyfully. By aligning Personal Flow to Market and Universal Flow; the result is inevitable PROSPERITY for all concerned. This is accomplished through Solid Structure, Proven Processes and Customised Design and not through histrionics, temporary motivation and generalized strategies.

Creating Wealth Joyfully requires Core Transformation and is an inside-out process. Thus, Personal Transformation absolutely precedes Business and Team Transformation. Personalized Confidential Handholding enables participants to open up with internal conflicts and issues, make the required internal and external transitions and make definite progress on their milestones.

Over the years, Coach Raymond has painstakingly enabled coachable professionals, businesspersons and entrepreneurs raise their Self Image, imbibe Wealth-creating Values, adopt Profitable Business Models, Nurture Personal Uplifting Networks and Empower Winning Teams to grow unique, contributory, robustly profitable businesses around their Passions, Talent and Contribution.

Who can benefit from the One Year Solopreneur Development Programme?
Proprietary Businesses with great products / services, struggling with sales and networking fruitlessly.
Micro and Small Businesses having turnover without profit

Businesspersons struggling with client acquisition, product deliveries, bill collections, employee attrition, mounting debts and struggling profitability.
• Businesspersons seeking to lay a Stronger Business Foundation to acquire better clients, propel business growth and increase profit.
Disheartened businesspersons who want to take a fresh shot at business and get it right this time.
• Businesspersons seeking dependable, professional assistance to turnaround themselves and their business.

Professionals wanting to turn their successful One-Person Practice into a Dependable, Profitable Business.

Employees seeking to transition from the rat-race to doing what they truly love and get paid well for it!
• Employees who want to securely explore and build a profitable, part-time, non-conflicting business before considering leaving their job.

Homemakers wanting to augment the family income; create an identify for themselves; have something to call their own

VRS and Retired Persons wanting to reinvent themselves for contribution and growth

• Those wanting to start a business but not knowing what to take up and how to go about
• Those wanting to develop Business Acumen and a Business Mind-set.

• Those seeking to be with positive, fulfilled and successful persons and learn something new.
• Those wanting to be part of a positive, supportive group learning environment.

Who should definitely NOT join this Programme?
• Start-up businesses funded by investors (Resource-based model)

• Established entrepreneurs running successful businesses (There are other Higher Level Programmes for you!)


What could be your takeaways?
• Get to know yourself from an entrepreneurial point of view
• Distinguish what works and does not work for you
• Discern what to focus on and what to drop
• Identify your natural talents and abilities and discern what to capitalize most on
• Gain crystal-clear clarity, perspective and direction to synergize life and business.
• Get valuable, practical business know how that can be applied Here and Now
• Learn to differentiate well-meaning good advice from ‘what definitely works for you’.
• Learn to accomplish results through solid, scientific structures and processes and not just enthusiastic trial and error
• Learn to build a robust, customized, profitable Business Model not just a transaction model.
• Develop Business Mind-set and Business Acumen to get into the Inside Track
• Make the decisive transition from being security-seeking to opportunity-recognizing.

Terms and Conditions, Investment:
• Registration for the newly launched One Year Solopreneur Development Programme is on a first-come-first-served basis
• Applicants will be screened before being admitted to the One Year Solopreneur Development Programme.
• There will be 10 Monthly Group Coaching sessions commencing on Jan 26 2018.
10 Monthly Personal Coaching sessions
• Additional Online Support through Group and Personal WhatsApp
• Your Investment: Rs.2,00,000 (plus applicable GST) Hurry! Inaugural Offer: Just Rs.1,00,000 plus applicable GST per participant for first 15 participants only.

Limited Seats. To Register now, WhatsApp SDP  to 98676 35525.

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