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“Even if you’re on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

How does a Wealth Creator re-invent self and more importantly business, for growth and prosperity?

Permit me to share with you a Very Secret Formula (VSF) I began using for myself and my clients. It has enabled me to offer a Life Value Proposition to a few select LOYAL Clients who have continued coaching with me from the time they started!

It is not original though, I heard it first from Bob Proctor – Turn Annual Income into Monthly Income, he had said.

I have thereafter applied two distinct layers to it.

I explain to my clients, income in the above context does not refer to TURNOVER; but to NET BUSINESS PROFIT and/or to Personal Net-worth.

This is a simple notion with profound implications.

This means a jump of 30% growth but a 10X or 12X growth! It creates the potential of transitioning from arithmetic growth to EXPONENTIAL growth!

Consequently, your MSME Business can evolve by adding a digit as follows: Thousands – Tens of Thousands – Lakhs – Millions – Single digit Crores, Double-digit crores etc.

It means you can propel your Net-worth: Thousandpati – Lakhpati – Millionaire – Crorepati – Billionaire – Trillionaire!

As you master the game, it becomes easier, it becomes quicker, the figures become larger – and the results are CERTAIN!

You will find that it is almost impossible to accomplish this without RE-INVENTING YOURSELF and RE-CRAFTING your BUSINESS MODEL completely.

COMPREHENSIVE and INTEGRATED Personal, Relationship, Business and Organisational TRANSFORMATION is at the heart of this game. This demands a COMPLETE PARADIGM SHIFT.

And I believe the FUNDAMENTAL paradigm-shift to UNLIMITED GROWTH is a shift from the Professional Entrepreneurship Paradigm to the Vocational Wealth-creation Paradigm (VWP).

Here are some of shifts to make from your CURRENT OPERATING PARADIGM
• Shift your focus from that of a PROFESSIONAL that centers around Acquired Competence – Business Networking – Acquired Values; to a Vocational Focus comprising your God-given PASSIONS – your God-given TALENT and your God-given PURPOSE.
• Acquired Professional Competence gives way to being a NICHE TRUST-WORTHY EXPERT aligned to VWP
• Fruitless Business Networking needs to give way to building your own Personal Uplifting Network
• And you need to mould your Character, Beliefs and Values to get aligned to the Universe’s Plan for you rather than your plan for the universe.
• Planning and Strategising for Outward Opportunities needs to give way to Listening Carefully to Leveraging Incoming Opportunities.

Two complementary Universal Principles come to my mind in this context:
• The metaphor of the Iceberg: 90% is invisible, inner work and
• Your inner world determines your outer world.

This is why, in our outer-dominated world, those who truly dominate are the one who have dominated themselves first.

Before leading others; it is imperative that you lead yourself.

Personal Transformation MUST precede Business Transformation – for it to last; else it’ll disappear in a flash.

And in the Age of Consciousness, SPIRIT must dominate Mind; rather than the heart over mind as of the Age of Connection; or mind over matter of the Information Age.

(Raymond D’Souza, PassionPreneur Coach and Strategist, facilitates SME Owners Identify, Lead and Dominate their Most Profitable, Passion-based Niche. He can be contacted at / 91- 98676 35525).

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    Very good insights Raymond. Reminds me of Dilts Logical levels.

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