How critical is Personal Mastery for Entrepreneur Growth?

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How critical is Personal Mastery for Entrepreneur Growth?

Is Personal Mastery important only for Entrepreneur Growth? 

Well, Personal Mastery is the Invisible Foundation for ALL sustainable Accomplishment in any area or phase of Life and Significant Contribution.

Mastery is a consequence of 10,000: either INTENSELY repeating an activity 10,000 times or INTENSELY investing 10,000 hours in a particular Project or Position or Occupation.

The operative word is intensely – because a Master distinguishes self through demonstrated intensity. Mindless repetition does not make you a master; it turns you into a robot.

Intensity is a consequence of passion. Perseverance is a consequence of passion. Discipline is a consequence of passion. Yes, people who have worked long and hard, through thick and thin, with little to show for long periods of time are often able to do so, because they are following their passions.

They are able to gain traction and attract volunteers and team to their cause when they make the subtle but critical transition of LIVING their passions.

Talking about health is different from living a healthy life and BEING healthy.
Advising on Financial Responsibility is different from managing personal and business finances responsibly and BEING FINANCIALLY RICH.

Be the Change – and Personal Mastery begins acquiring a Charismatic power of its own.

Personal Mastery has 5 distinct dimensions:
• Mastering your Body, Health, Energy and Vitality and building Physical Stamina, Flexibility, Strength and Endurance through Consistent DISCIPLIINE.
• Mastering your Mind, altering the way you present information to your mind, altering thoughts, perceptions and responses; altering the way you process information; visualize solutions and take decisions that alter the trajectory of your life, relationships, career, business and DESTINY.
• Mastering your Drives, emotions, feelings and building Emotional Strength and Resilience.
• Mastering your Spiritual Journey – by sensitizing your Conscience, distinguishing perennial principles from passing fads and social mores and developing the Courage of your Convictions.
• Mastering Personal Productivity by bringing in coherence and living in Integrity as a consequence of congruence

For centuries it has been observed that those who excel and grow
• Spiritually, have spiritual guides or spiritual masters or spiritual directors.
• In Sports, have sports coaches
• Physically, have personal trainers
• Through critical life situations, have life coaches
• In business, have business coaches

Why is it that for some, Personal Mastery comes easy, whilst others struggle to even get started in that direction?
Let us understand this from the power of 3:
• When sufficient combustible substance, sufficient oxygen and sufficient heat come together you have a fire.
• When vivid imagination, ardent desire and enthusiastic action synergistically come together, you have a guaranteed outcome.
• Similarly, When God-given Passions, God-given Talent and God-given Purpose ignite together in the same person, wisdom dawns to apply self to form the habits that will take you far – much further than you can imagine.

At PassionPreneur, Your Personal Mastery journey begins by knowing, connecting and living your passions, talent and purpose.

Consequence? Creating Wealth Joyfully!

Raymond D’Souza
SME Business Coach and Strategist
Personalized Handholding to Identify, Lead and Dominate Your Most Profitable Passion-based Niche.

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