PassionPreneur Networking

Hi Raymond! One of my dreams is fulfilled. I have received my Ph. D. So, RayGarden dreams of Author and Dr. are realities! Thank you for you for your role in it!!

-Charles Crasto, Author, The Best is the Enemy of the Good (Foreword by Raymond D D)

PassionPreneur TeamBuild – Align Biz Teams to Biz Priorities

Thanks a ton! It was fantastic, crisp and very powerful. People loved it. Many of them called.

– Mrs Reeti Chhibber, Tupperware Distributor

PassionPreneur TeamBuilding – Build the teams that build profitable businesses

Raymond had metamorphosed the organisation of rudderless employees in to a result oriented employees with common goal in sight. It dramatically improved the turnover as there was almost 100% rise. His unique way of coaching brought about sea change in the mindset of top management.

– Vishwas Pandav

Transformational Networking

When I think of Raymond, I’m reminded about a quote by Thomas Watson. He has rightly said that – ‘Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.’ I’m extremely happy that, in Raymond, I found a friend who helps me lever myself up. He is a true master of his craft. All the best Raymond! God Bless!

– Sandhya Iyer-Bhide, Chief Alpha, Alpha One Consultants

Entrepreneur-CEO Mentoring

Raymond plays an excellent role as a Mentor. He makes you think and in minutes you can get solutions. He is extremely knowledgeable about his subject. His approach, style, directness, knowledge, solution orientation and most of all his questions makes him a excellent mentor. Any Entrepreneur who would want to scale greater heights in life should ideally be working with Raymond. I wish Raymond the very best in life and May he continue to Transform Entrepreneurs.

– Solomon Salvis, Founder-Director, Eduriser

Women Empowerment

Raymond and I were colleagues when we started our careers and have remained in touch. In his current avatar as Business Coach Raymond has been instrumental in identifying the weak spots in my business and pointing me in the right direction based on my strengths. Thanks to him I have also made forays into the field of education – an unexplored area hitherto – in which I have found personal fulfillment and success I wish him all the best and know that he will continue to make a difference business wise in the lives of many entrepreneurs like me.

– Margaret DaCosta, Director, Avenues Incorporated

Charismatic Speaker

Good Orator, Crisp to the point and perfect messages to the trainee. very encouraging and helps to gain confidence. keep it up!

– Vinod Noronha, Partner, Supreme Enterprises

Business Strategist

Raymond is an excellent Business Coach – particularly for tiny / micro, small and medium scale enterprises (SME Owners). He will help you to identify your growth path. With this the SME Owner can get focused. I would highly recommend all SME Owners to avail the services.

-Chaitanya Shah, CEO, CKPP Associates

Business Start-up Specialist

Raymond is a man high on integrity; stimulates your thinking and a good listener. I recommend him to all those new start ups who need advice on strategy and implementation ! Regards, Dr. Richard

-Dr. Richard Pereira, Gum Care Dental Clinic

BullsEyeDiagnosis – Because the Roots Determine the Fruits

Raymond is a very nice human being and can quickly empathise with you. This brings him to a nice position to help and coach. He once sent me a book about Wealth creation and bringing the wealth in congruence with ones personality, I still treasure it. He can easily identify the weak areas that need coaching and help you realise your dreams. Coaching and mentoring comes naturally to Raymond.

-Subramanyam P V, CEO, Self

MasterPlan – Design Your Life. Live by Design.

I got stuck in my career and I already had spent 10 years in a professional venture. As I was looking for a light, I saw a light in the name of Raymond. He has made my vision clear in understanding things which wiill lead to a success. I would say the kind of vision and knowledge Raymond has is immense. I wish him all the best.

-Gabriel Banerjee, Manager – Training, Trinity Academy For Corporate Training