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Raymond D’Souza
PassionPreneur Coach and Business Strategist
Mr. Raymond D’Souza calls passion-fueled entrepreneurship as “passionpreneurship”. As a PassionPreneur Coach he handholds passion-based entrepreneur-CEOs to start/turnaround/grow themselves and their businesses. The highly specialized professional services he offers are confidential, personalized and designed completely around the deepest pains and vulnerabilities of the Entrepreneur-CEO.
His flagship PassionPreneur Coaching Program has enabled stumbling Entrepreneur-CEOs in the below areas:
  • Diagnose the limiting blind-spots
  • Transform themselves for Prosperity and Greatness
  • Connect with and value their own uniqueness
  • Crystallize their most valuable unique value proposition
  • Craft their most robust, profitable business model
  • Identify core responsibility structure & build Winning Teams that Build Profitable Businesses
  • Build the Network that Protects and Escalates their Net-worth
Mr. Raymond addresses the #1 hidden, unaddressed need of Entrepreneur-CEOs.
You are About to Discover Your Biggest Secret Problem as an Entrepreneur-CEO – which prevents you from Operating at Your Full Potential.
However, when Addressed, You the Entrepreneur-CEO and your business can ESCALATE to greater and greater Heights. Because this problem is hidden, it becomes a persistent stumbling block impacting you, your core team, your business, your organization and all the stakeholders including the CUSTOMERS too! There are unavoidable hits (often irreversible) to your topline, bottom line, goodwill and your hard-earned brand equity.
The reason why this problem persists is because it is often a blind spot for you; or the limitation is simply taken for granted! There is a very limited window period when this problem can be addressed before you get sucked into the black hole!
There are 2 routes to entrepreneurship: one is the resource-based well-trodden and well-known highway; the other is the lesser known, passion-based ‘road, less-travelled’.
As with any highway, the “failure rate” in entrepreneurship is well-known. The passion-based path gains significance only because many billionaires intuitively seem to take it.
Mr. Raymond D’Souza blogs, educates, and inspires all he interacts with to Turn Passion into Prosperity.