What am I passionately inviting you to?

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What am I passionately inviting you to?

I am passionately inviting you to:

• Re-kindle your dream and discover your core purpose
• Beat your own drum, find your own way and get on to your own path
• Drop your masks and your manipulations and just be yourself
• Let go of your baggage and learn from your past
• To complete your past and create a new future in your present – here and now.
• Recognize that being yourself fully is the most valuable gift to yourself and the world at large.

The PassionPreneur Entrepreneur Development Programme
• Gain crystal clear clarity on where you currently are
• Clarify what works and does not work for you and why
• Identify and recognize your mistakes and permanently learn from them
• Know the easy action steps required to be an entrepreneur
• Identify and alter limiting beliefs and values
• Know the niche in which you can be the Trusted Expert
• Know your ideal client
• Know your most profitable offering which you can most easily deliver to an eager market
• Create your personalized Entrepreneur Blueprint and begin taking action
• Put together your Personal Uplifting Network
• Develop empowering productivity habits
• Get personal attention because of small group size
• Get usable maps for your entrepreneurial territory
• Get personalized handholding to easily make the transition to conscious and unconscious competence
• Experience the pervasive joy, fulfillment and fruits of responsible entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial contribution

“When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

Admissions open for just 12 participants for the INAUGURAL BATCH of the One Year PassionPreneur Development Programme in Mumbai. Get personalized handholding to identify the most profitable niche you can lead and dominate as a passion-based entrepreneur / intrapreneur.

Email raymond@passionpreneur.in

Raymond D’Souza
Entrepreneur Coach and Business Strategist
PassionPreneur Institute
SME Business Coaching to identify, lead and dominate your most profitable niche

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